Wizard Mix 10 seeds

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Wizard Mix contains random seeds from the Wizard series.

The Wizard series has a bushy foliage with vibrantly coloured medium-sized leaves. These plants thrive best in partially to fully-shaded areas.

Height: 30-35 cm

Number of seeds: 10

True to type

The mix contains random seeds of:

Wizard Coral Sunrise

Wizard Golden

Wizard Jade

Wizard Mosaic

Wizard Rose

Wizard Scarlet

Wizard Sunset

Wizard Velvet Red

The colorful coleus plants thrive both in your home and in your garden. The plants prefer airy, porous and well-drained soil. If you want your coleus plant to be bushier, you need to trim it. Cut off the flower buds two pairs of leaves from the top to make the colours of the leaves last longer. If the plants are in the garden they prefer partial shade. Coleus plants do not tolerate frost.