Kong Mosaic 5 seeds

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Kong Mosaic has huge green leaves that are flecked with burgundy, ivory and ebony in various combinations. Each leaf has completely unique patterns.

The Kong series has the largest leaves of any coleus. The vibrant leaves can be so large that they can cover a person's face! The plants thrive best in shaded areas - the enormous leaves can easily burn in hot sun.

Height: 45-50 cm

Number of seeds: 5

True to type

The colorful coleus plants thrive both in your home and in your garden. The plants prefer airy, porous and well-drained soil. If you want your coleus plant to be bushier, you need to trim it. Cut off the flower buds two pairs of leaves from the top to make the colours of the leaves last longer. If the plants are in the garden they prefer partial shade. Coleus plants do not tolerate frost.